Fitness Mats


Made of super-tough, odor-free PVC material, these mats have a non-slip surface that is perfect for all cardio machines, home gyms, weight stacks, free weights or other forms of resistance training.


TreadMat is perfect for treadmills, elliptical machines, ski exercisers, or as a general aerobics mat. Larger mat size fits any room in the house!


BikeMat is ideal for exercise bikes, steppers, step aerobics or stretching. Convenient size fits anywhere!


These mats have a non-slip surface that is perfect for home gyms including selectorized weight stacks, free weights, or other forms of resistance.


This heavy-duty, durable rubber flooring system protects floors and equipment from damage, muffling noise and dampening vibrations.


Protect and insulate floors with the exclusive interlock system. The tiles require no messy adhesives or tape and installs in minutes.